Healthy, organic, vegan, sustainable and local

Who am I?

Suzanne Wijkman

I am passionate about healthy baking, I have been baking all my life. Baking is something where I can put all my creativity in. In the last years I changed from baking with butter, eggs and refined sugar to baking without refined sugar, eggs and gluten. All of this inspired by Madam Bakster from Ghent, Annelies from Tartelies and Merel Wildschut, from the blogs "de groene meisjes".

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What my customers say about my pastry:

Anne Robert

I simply love Suzanne's pastry. Delicious and special. No sugar added so you can enjoy these treats without limit. Suzanne's pastry is always a good fit for any occasion"

Veerle Arys

"I've been loving Suzanne's pastry for a long time, and I'm so happy they are now available again at Homebakerysuus. Always a party with her treats. Lovely delicious. Surprising, healthy and good ingrediënts to enjoy guilt-free."

Karen Uytterhoeven

"Delicious pastry and cookies made with healthy ingrediënts. Once you taste it you will love it. I can very much recommend her gluten-free pastry, for all who love healthy treats.